A Brief Description Of My Life



Hey, everybody. I wanted to write this brief piece kind of talking about my past and what I went through.

I was born and immediately started experiencing the darkness and scariness of our human society. A man tried to give me beer at age three, and I couldn’t find out why so many of us youth were suffering. I would investigate it, but my young self had nobody to talk to about what I was seeing, feeling and experiencing.

I was bullied for being fat. I used to think only having a mother was completely natural until another child called me a “bastard” because her parent told her that’s what I was. I was stopped dead in my young tracks and began to explore my fatherless reality.

Eventually I met my father, and I wish him peace and respect — though, we don’t click.  There is no relationship now I have with my father. I have a relationship with one of my sisters from his side, her husband and their daughter, which is more than I could ever ask for.

Even before I became a teenager, I developed alcoholism abuse issues and I was exposed to sexuality at too young an age to ever develop healthy in that regard. It took me a lot of pain, a lot of mutual disrespect, and a lot of not doing things the appropriate way that I found out how I want to be in relationships and how I choose to behave and respect my counter parts. I just wanted to be there for people and build something meaningful, but the world is very tough on the minds of young men and young people every where. Our society clearly is not in the best place with explaining sexuality to our kids.

I fell into gangs and juvenile halls twice. The second time I was going to steal beer for a store, but I put it back because I knew my mom was in the store. When my friend and I were walking out of the aisle, the manager said: “Grab him!” and my friend and I were put into chokeholds. My mom came running up and a young guy put her in a chokehold.  I swear I wanted to hurt him so bad, but I was drunk and couldn’t do anything to defend my innocent mother. They let us go because my mom made them look at my waist band, which contained no liquor. Yet, the manager still managed to intimidate one of her employees, a classmate of mine, to tell her where I went to school so they could call a detective. This manager took it on herself to do that, to show up to my moms court case (because she said my mom was the get away driver) and teach her employee how to lie on the stand.  My mother did a week in jail because of that and I am still very mad at that. I went to school drunk to ask a girl to be my girlfriend because I needed liquid courage. I was picked up by a security guard and taken to the office. The detective was there, my probation officer (who couldn’t look me in my eye) and some security guards.  I was scared, drunk and afraid (the detective was an asshole) and I knew I had no power against the system, so I kept saying: “Yeah, I know, I’m going to jail.” And one security guard told me: “Brandon, shut up. If you stop talking, they can’t take you in.” The detective took me to the hospital across the street from my house, and I asked him to let me go, that I wouldn’t do anything. He said: “No, sorry, I gotta take you in.” And then he took me into the hospital, made my back face a bed, handcuffed me to it and raised it to it’s highest setting and left me there hanging from the hospital bed with the metal cutting into my wrists. A male nurse saw and started questioning him on what happened. The nurse had my back. Thank you. In my only seemingly chance and window at rebellion, I began singing “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest.

 I went to prison once. When I went to prison, that’s when I sobered up and I knew I didn’t want to run the streets anymore. I wanted to live the best life possible, and so I began to change from the inside out. I left behind gang racism, and started promoting love between races. I was singled out and targeted but held my own because I was determined not to let anybody hurt me or stop me from becoming who I knew in my soul I always wanted to be.

I’ve totally transformed myself and worked my ass off to be the person I am now. And I just got back from a weekend ceremony, where I’ve touched very deep degrees of enlightenment. I feel so strong, personally powerful in myself, refreshed, cleaned, and confident, and so mature and wise, that I am so thankful to life for icing my cake after all of my struggle.

Please know that though this is a brief description of my total life story, the darkness and emotional pain and weight was sooooo heavy… I used to literally beg God to kill me in my dreams. One night, after a crying session where I wished death upon myself, I fell asleep in my dream and it was all black.  A voice asked me: “Do you want to die?” And I thought about every reason why I wanted to live.  And then I said: “No, I want to live.”

And I woke up. And now I’m grateful for my past and I see it as intense training grounds to give me this beautiful understanding I feel blessed with.

May you all be well – and in the name of the Buddhist prayer: “For all those who faced death and chose life.”

Sincerely, and with Purpose,

  • B. Elliott

I Want To Save…

I want to save this country and protect it from other countries. I want our country to be responsible with its power. We’re at a time in human history where it is as imperative as any other to build bridges and connections, and not to sever them with personal issues and power trips. I’m talking globally – we’ve been on the global scale for a while now – all of the world are basically connected – now, at a physical level, we are seeing we’re more connected than ever. But that physical connection is simply a representation of the subtle truth of our interconnectedness. There’s too much riding on humanity getting it right, that we can’t really afford more wars, or bombs, or national critical issues that promise to push us apart or tear apart a peoples, region, or humanity, for that matter. The world is in a critical time. Too critical. The world has gotten increasingly sicker and sicker because of human society – the last thing we need is to push us further down the darkness, what would be great would be to build community across the whole world and reach out and help others and ourselves.

It’s time to reach out that helping hand, and, instead of seeing who’s military is more powerful, let’s challenge ourselves to see which nation could reach enlightenment faster, or which nation can do the most for the world in 2017. There are the types of challenges and competitions we need. I’ve never been to war, and I’m aware that it’s horrible. Imagine people who have. The first ones on the front-line who meet the first bullets fired from thousands and thousands of guns. It’s not fair for us to send human beings to die. That’s happened too much. It’s not fair for rich generals to send people to war unless that war is absolutely necessary. And it’s not for warmongers or wordsmiths to twist any war and make it “absolutely necessary”. Saying that is how they trick us into pointless wars, like the Iraq War. That war was a totally pointless war that ended in so many casualties, and it started a ripple effect of destruction that is still happening. It created so many more Middle Eastern terrorists.

At the very least, hear this as a call to build community, get involved with each other and get to know one another. There are too many members of our species who are counting on our decision to create community. This whole living Earth is counting on us not blowing it up or blowing ourselves up. It’s not the right of a small number of very powerful people to decide the fate of the world. That’s happened too much. Armies used to clash and chop each other to bits. There’s no fun or glory or true honor to that. Time to change the dynamic, stop the bombs from falling from the skies, talk from the Heart about our issues and figure our shit out.

An Open Letter To Donald Trump And The World

Donald Trump won the Presidency.  He lost the popular vote, but won through the electoral college.  I as an American am working to accept that.  At this point, I’m fed up with the division in our country.  I feel like the ‘United’ in our name is a joke at times.  That’s not to put my country down, I love my country, but just to speak on some real feelings I have about the state of the world.  By nature, the Democratic and Republican party are ALWAYS trying to usurp each other.  And who’s the ones whom live under their laws, who have to deal with their power struggles and the way they affect all of us? Well..US! The American citizens of our beautiful country with a jagged history.

Putin hacked the elections, not the whole of Russia.  Putin and his friends.  It’s important to recognize that a leader from another sovereign nation had a hand in our election results.  In any event, the American people are inaugurating you, Donald Trump.  You now represent hundreds of millions of Americans, and the free world.  There is much for you to face and look at.  Most importantly, how can we take care of every single man, woman and child, especially the children, elderly, voiceless, homeless, oppressed, and veteran, in our country, and have as great a relationship as we can with the rest of the world? We as ‘individuals’ and political people all have our own ideas of what would be best for our country, but it usually always ends up as us having an “us vs. them” mentality.  But I think of people like MLK, Tupac Shakur, Bob Marley, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela.  They saw that, yet transcended all the beef to try and make songs, poems, and movements for equality — so that all people can come together under the shade of the tree of a unified humanity.

Donald Trump, let’s make it clear.  We don’t want war with Russia.  I love the Russian people dearly, just like how I love all of humanity and my fellow country-people.  Yeah, we may disagree at times, but humanity has done enough killing and bombing of each other.  Can’t we just disagree and keep it at that? There’s too much tension in this country and what we need are for our political leaders like you to be as real as you can be, and to serve us all as a whole.  By serving us, you’re serving yourself and your family.  The reason being is because ultimately we are all one, all from the human species before we’re even capable of having a race or sex – being human is required for all of that.

America does not good look in the world’s eyes – many reasons being very strong and valid reasons that we as a unified country need to own up to, also, we receive a lot of hate and misunderstanding because former political leaders chose to serve their own interests instead of the interests of the whole.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our leaders from all the opposing parties, got together and seriously thought and took action on what would be the best for all of our kids? How could we create an environment and world that nurtures and fosters our future leaders? Because, it’s them who will repair our whole world and country — them who will make the emotional, intellectual, spiritual(or lack there-of), or technological innovations that will take our species of humanity beyond the darkened confines and false limits of our minds, into the beauty of a new day and who we truly are.  We can all connect with our Hearts, ignoring the jargon, political differences and slanders of our minds, and truly enjoy each others companies.  We can create a new America that is so profound that the American ancestors before us, whose shoulders we stand on, join hands with the Native ancestors who we disposed of, ask permission, offer our sincere apologies, and cry from the tears of joy at the massive step we took – the step into oneness, forgiveness, apology, humility, togetherness, and unity.  The step into the light, while taking our shadows with us, so they can get light and healing and we can truly connect to each other at our deepest and most profound levels of our humanity.

Donald Trump, and the World, we can sit here and throw insults at each other, get angry at each other, hate each other, drop bombs on each other, but we’ve seen where that’s gotten us! Look at our beautiful, wonderful, magical World and the state it’s in – I, and many of my fellow members of our human species – have caused some problems and darkness in the world.  And now we have the major task of improving it.  But, better that, better we all stand together and see how far we can push the bounds of collective greatness and healing, instead of just rotting away and pushing ourselves further into darkness.  There is a point of no return for the worse that humanity can cross, and I’m writing this letter to you and the world to do my part to make sure we don’t get there.

Donald Trump, the song “One Day” by Matisyahu comes to mind – we don’t want any more wars, no more fighting.  Compassion – true equity and equality for all, a mutual understanding, an asking of permission and making peaceful petitions to create good standing between each other as nations, and standing up and looking out for our own country and the other brother/sister countries of the world because we are Humanity! It is time we dissolve the false illusions of separations and come to understand that whether political leader or janitor, whether rich or poor, or somewhere vaguely in the middle, we are all more alike than different and it is not my right to hate anybody for their spirituality or political belief – but it is my right, and profound duty and responsibility to stand up and speak, even scream for a world of true equity and understanding.  The root of compassion is what I seek to water so that it grows into a large, massive forest full of lovely and wonderful trees, and profound trees, that we, our ancestors, our future generations, and our descendants living now can come, find shade and rest under.

We don’t want any more wars.  We don’t want to kill or be killed.  We know how to defend ourselves, but the last thing we want are more bullets flying.  We need to heal ourselves internally, start addressing our individual traumas and wounds while allowing that sacred art and act to lead us into the simultaneous addressing of humanity’s collective traumas and wounds.  Healing and rescue from the inside out, and then watching the ripples of those profound acts become metaphorical healing waves that touch the feet and toes of our human relatives, allowing them to taste the freedoms of liberation as well.  We are human beings, one species, and we may look different and have different shades, but, at the end of the day, I need my Heart to be beating to be alive, too.  Just as you all do.  I need love and affection from myself and others, just like you all do.  I need to be able to be let to live as long as I’m not harming anybody, just as you do.  And, it’s my hope, that if we harm each other, we can take a page straight out of Mama Africa’s book – and put me, or anybody who hurts another in the “center of the village” so that we can be reminded and told of all our good nature, to allow the sinister energy that tries to creep into all of us to dissolve.  So that we can stand together in unity and peace, and end wars, disease, human and child trafficking, to help our brothers, sisters, and gender non-conforming family with their addictions and traumas, and just to be a safe space, and warm, open presence for each other and the world.  Our world.

This is what all the great master teachers, unremembered and remembered, have lived and died for.  Some, even like MLK and Malcolm X, were killed for what they believed in.  But remember that Malcolm X never killed one person.  Even the most radically profound of us believe in safety and the need to be able to talk about our problems instead of killing each other over our differences.  May all the freedom fighters of yesterday, who have left us, forever rest in peace and good slumber.

I honor, welcome, and accept you all.  We may have differences, but I’d still take a bullet for each of your babies.  I believe in the inherent goodness of humanity, and I am willing to die bringing that to the surface and promoting human love among each other.  At the end of the day, even though I can talk a gang of crap and keep it real at the same time, I am your Brother, and I would never wish hurt on any of you.  I pray for the coming together of humanity, and this article is my sacred prayer.  I can’t control the affect of my words, all I can do is keep putting my Heart out there in the world to meet with your Hearts, whether I face success or ‘loss’.  Thank you.


May you all walk in Peace and be blessed infinitely and always, and remember the inherent connection that we all share no matter what our minds try to say in the name of control – may we relinquish control, follow our Hearts, use our minds to support our Heart’s endeavors no matter where our emerald rainbow roads take us, and surrender to the Mystery,

  • Brandon A. Elliott (Your relative)

One Day by Matisyahu

Follow Your Heart; Build Community

H e l l o ,  f a m i l y .  I hope and pray that you are all doing well.  First, I must say: Don’t despair! We find ourselves in turbulent times, when human society has gotten darker and darker.  Our world is suffering.  I will not dwell on the darkness, because I know at the same time, there is so much beauty.  One of the things I want to do is deepen my acceptance of the world and all it is; of all it’s enlightening and darkening aspects.  The same goes for human society.  It’s important now more than ever that those of us who love the world and want to help heal human society start coming on the double and bringing our Hearts to fruition into the world to help change the current darkening pace we find ourselves in.

In critical times such as these, it’s very important for us to follow our Hearts and to find and build community.  I am a very spiritual person and my belief is that Fire is an elemental force with a meta-spirit; actually, one of the “Gods” that watch over the Earth.  Even if you don’t believe in Spirit, please read on, because I’m going to say things that can apply to anyone, anywhere, whether or not we believe in the same things spiritually.  Traditional peoples never fought over their spirituality anyways.

Follow Your Heart —

The Heart is what helps us care.  It’s the warm force, the metaphorical fire inside of us that allows us to care for ourselves and others.  It opens us to the wonders of the world and helps us see through many different windows that draw our curiosity in.  It gives us a feeling connection to the world.  It’s a magnet that’s attracted to the Heart of the World, which is the main magnet here.  It animates us – it’s a “wondrously divine organism” connected straight to God, to the Gods, to the Divine, to the Universe, to all of that.  As Grandfather Fire (Tatewari) says, “If your Heart tells you you just need to go to Arizona or Hawaii, and you don’t know why, but you just need to go there, it’s your mind’s job to support your Heart.  Your mind says: ‘Okay, I need luggage and logistics to transport the body to the place the event is happening.'” To say that as a culture we don’t follow our Hearts enough or promote the following of it is an understatement.  We are so caught up and wrapped up in our minds.  The mind is over-celebrated in this culture, and, with it, we have created so much of the world’s problems.  Accomplishments are great — but, as Grandfather Fire says, when all these accomplishments of varying degrees are stacked up and compared against each other as if a accomplishment competition, we must ask: “Who’s right?”

The mind needs to be put back into it’s proper role.  The mind’s job is to protect and preserve us, our physical bodies — it projects for the future.  It’s all about simple functioning and planning — planning around our need for food, or shelter, or clothes.  Taking a boat ride, for example.  But the Heart is what moves us with passion.  Imagine if our culture over-celebrated the Heart and not the mind.  Those would be GOOD PROBLEMS to have 🙂 I just want to stress that following your Heart (and not your mind, some of us say we’re following our Hearts, but in reality we’re really following our minds) is of incredible importance.  And, whether we like it or not, our Hearts are the predominant things working in our lives.  The mind is so interested in control, that’s what it’s all about.  Please be aware of the minds enormous skill of camouflage, and don’t let it act like it’s your Heart.  Remember the role of the mind I listed at the beginning of this paragraph.  It will help you in your endeavors.  Grandfather Fire says that when we follow our Hearts, we may have less things around us, but our Hearts will be filled.  In today’s chaotic culture and society, isn’t that perhaps the greatest gift of all? All our caring, all our passion, our drive to change ourselves so we can change this world and make it a better place derive from our Hearts and the destiny we came into this world with.

Find Community —

My relatives, it is of utmost importance for us to find community.  There’s something working in many of us that keeps us isolated.  And, we may need to focus more on our individual work at times, but never to the exclusion of others.  I don’t know if you’re all aware, but, if we haven’t ever built community, the human species would have been extinct.  Humanity has been living in community since our Creation and we will continue to do so until the day we die.  To deny that we need community is to deny that we need air.  Community is a vital aspect of being human, simply because, we need it in order to emotionally and mentally survive – including spiritually, but, again, for my non-spiritual readers, just remove the Spirit from what I’m saying (if you’d like) and focus on the realities and practicalities.  “Lives have grown cold,” as Grandfather has said, so we need to “tend that inner warmth like how you tend a fire.”

Thank you, Relatives, from the bottom of my Heart for allowing me to speak to you like this.

Ashe. Aho. Amen. Namaste. Hell yeah 😉

  • B. Elliott (Brandon A. Elliott)

Calling On The Spiritual Energies Of Different Animals

Sometimes, in this life, we need to emulate the spiritual properties of animals without having the physical benefit.  black-jaguarFor example, the cat and feline energy can teach you that you need to slow down and let life come to you sometimes.  Sometimes we need to stretch out our legs and create the intention to surrender every tense point in our bodies and just allow ourselves to “melt into the Universe” and completely relax.

Though we won’t be able to jump up to a building or survive a long fall and have nine lines, that spiritual “taking it easy and slow” aspect of the cat can teach us to slow down.  Not only is there a physical benefit of slowing down, it also teaches us a spiritual lesson that life was not meant to be constantly lived at a million miles a minute.  That’s how we burn out and not finish our Heart’s mission.

So, with that, I am drawing upon the energies of the feline, the cat, to learn how to slow down and relax my body and release and free myself of my tensions.  There will be times I will need to move fast, like when entering a freeway, but in general, I can slow down and do much better, and go much farther.

Thank you for listening, relatives.  Aho.  Ashe.  Amen,

  • B. Elliott

Interview with B. Elliott after Releasing First Album Titled “43”

B. Elliott sat down with a student from a local high-school for an interview as part of a freshman class project. The student has requested B. Elliott use only her initials.

AC: Thank you for accepting this interview, B. Elliott. I have an interest in your background — where you came from, what it was like growing up, etc.

BE: No problem. Thanks for sitting down to interview with me. Well, basically, I was born in a sea-side city in California called Long Beach. I was born in ’89 – last of the 80’s babies. I proudly claim this and like to tell people I’m a stalwart defender of the 80’s (laughs). But, from there, I moved to San Pedro for a while and then to Chicago, Illinois because my mom had a boyfriend who has unfortunately passed away due to stomach cancer. His name was Jim El-Matari, and my mom said he would never tell her to leave us at home. He was always with us, and one time, the smell of my baby poop made him throw up (laughs loudly).

But, when I came into the world, I realized a lot of youth were getting hurt. There was a pre-school classmate of mine who I knew was molested by her uncle. My mother didn’t know, because she would have knocked him out. She was famous for using frying pans and wrenches against abusive ex-husbands of my aunts. Mom’s a rider for sure. So, back to my classmate, other adults who knew about it didn’t do anything – I think the scared child in them was bewildered and paralyzed, too. That was my sense as a kid because I felt like the children in them were maybe afraid, or just didn’t know what to do. Not to excuse their inaction, but that’s just what I felt.

So, growing up I was very concerned about our future, why us youth were being hurt, and I was just literally thrown into the darkness. To give you context, I had my first drink of beer (not given by my mom; she was working) by a man who put beer in my baby bottle, at age three! Can you believe it? I remember looking up at him, he’s laughing uproariously, and then I’m looking at the baby bottle, and it has about a quarter of beer in there – and I remember thinking: “This isn’t right.” You know?

So, eventually, all the pain and bullying and unknown became too much and unfortunately I started bullying and lashing out on others. My heart didn’t cease working, but I wasn’t able to be the man I am now.. How could I? I was a fatherless boy with no playbook. The gift of that, a mentor of mine helped me understand, is that I was able to write my own playbook, instead of being born to a lawyer dad and forced to walk his path.

Eventually that led to extreme drug and alcohol addiction, gangs, juvenile halls twice, and prison once, where they almost struck me out.

AC: They almost gave you life?

BE: Yea.

AC: Why?

BE: Because, even though I’ve never killed anybody (not saying people who kill cannot turn their lives around and find redemption) the system created the 3-strikes law as a “no-tolerance” policy. However, they used it abhorrently. You can have two strikes, be poor and homeless, steal a piece of pizza, and get life in prison. There have been many forward steps since this law came to be, but in my eyes it’s still a threat until we do away with it entirely. Because I was right on that edge, and they could have given me life. In fact, there was a time where my bullshit attorney sat me down and told me they were trying to give me life. I was a 20-year old boy who was coming down off of meth and crack addictions. I wasn’t a monster, even though at times I acted like one. Thankfully, they didn’t end up giving me life. I had two juvenile “felonies” — one, I accept, because the first time we got drunk and jumped a guy. I didn’t want to do it, but I was afraid to say no. So I did my time for that. The second time, I was going to do a beer-run at a store, but my mom walked in. So, while in the aisle, I told my buddy we had to put it back, and he was upset — but I was firm, my mom had walked in the store. As we’re leaving the aisle, drunk (drinking was my problem), I heard the lady manager say: “Grab him!” They grabbed me, put me in a chokehold, grabbed my friend, and my mom came running. She said: “Why do you have him?” And they said: “He stole something!” My mom replied: “No he didn’t! Lift up his shirt!” They lifted up my shirt and didn’t find anything —

AC: You put it back.

BE: Yes, we put it back. So that’s just one example. Basically, we left the store, and my mom drives me home. I went to school a week later, drunk, because I needed liquid courage to ask this girl I liked if she’d be my girlfriend. I didn’t get the chance to – a security guard picked me up and took me into the office where I saw my probation officer (she couldn’t even look me in my face) and a detective, with three other security guards. The detective starts talking and I’m afraid and I realize at that point there’s problem nothing I could do – ‘the system is dark and powerful, and it’s got me’. That was my reasoning —

AC: Yea. It’s totally understandable.

BE: Thank you. Yeah, it is. Well, one security guard was the only person on my side. He wasn’t the one who picked me up. He was an OG, from Elm Street Watts. He kept telling me: “Brandon, shut up. If you don’t say anything they can’t take you.” He was really standing for me. Well, the detective took me in, and he drove me to the hospital that was right across the street from my house. I told him that’s where I lived and begged him to let me go home. I told him I wouldn’t take anything. But, no. He said: “No, sorry, I’ve gotta take you in.” He wasn’t a good guy. This guy was an asshole. He took me in, turned my back to a hospital bed, handcuffed me to it, and then raised it up all the way. Sadistic. Thought torturing a kid was cool. I was suspended by my wrists from the hospital bed and the cuffs were cutting into my wrists. One male nurse was there and was asking the detective questions about what I do, while the detective gave him bullshit answers. So, the detective took me in – not before I sang “Breaking The Law” by Judas Priest — and the nurse truly cared for me. As I was being taken away, he wished me luck.

Driving on the freeway, a lady next to us in the car saw me and looked sad. She saw and understood me. I could have been her child. She could have been my mother who cared for me. She made a gesture as to – “What happened?” I simply shrugged my shoulders like, “I don’t know.” Because I didn’t — I had put the beer and alcohol back before I ever left the aisle.

The way that they found me was, the manager had an employee who was my classmate. She pressured him into telling them where I went to school. So out of malice, they pursued me. They lied and said my mom was the getaway driver, and a 42-ish year old woman was put in jail for a week because she was her son’s “get-away driver.” That wasn’t the case, it was complete bullshit, and I’d like to say F*** you to the people who did that to me. You never stopped me, only made me better.

AC: (Snaps fingers.) That’s right. Thank you for that. That’s a deep story, you’ve been through a lot.

BE: Thank you for your understanding, empathy and compassion. I have been.

AC: No, thank you for sharing. So, I just wanted to ask a few more questions — what was the inspiration behind your newest album release, “43”?

BE: Thanks for asking. Well, it’s actually kind of a multi-purposeful album. The whole concept of the album came from a song I had done on an earlier Street Poets, Inc release — Street Poets, Inc. is a non-profit organization in LA that uses poetry and the written world to help youth come to terms with themselves and their trauma, to provide them empowering tools, and to help them heal. We seek to give them a permanent sense of wisdom and empowerment for them to live their lives.

AC: That sounds so cool.

BE: Thank you, we do meaningful work and it means the world to us. Thank you for appreciating it.

AC: No problem, so, please continue.

BE: Absolutely. So, my boy Art, who is the main producer and engineer over there, gave me this beat with a verse from a homie on it. Art had a hook and he told me it was about the forty-three students who were brutally killed in Mexico.

AC: I remember that. I remember that.

BE: Yea, so… that track alone kind of inspired the whole album in a weird way.

AC: That’s amazing.

BE: Thank you. We just wanted to honor the youth and their families, communities, and everybody in the world affected by it. The fact that this is happening is a huge red flag warning sign that youth aren’t generally protected in this world, and I am looking to build a protective structure that can protect youth all over the world. So that they can do their work, because I believe they will repair our world.

AC: Thank you for doing that important and meaningful work.

BE: Thank you.

AC: Any last words that you would like to share with our audience before we end this interview?

BE: Yea, thank you. Follow your Heart. Really. The mind and the Heart are two different things. But the Heart is meant to be the leader, what we follow in this life. Following only the mind will result in trouble somewhere along the line. The mind is interested in control and will delude and confuse us. So it’s important to start with getting that animal under control. And then let’s say the Heart says, “I just need to be in New York. I don’t know why, but I just need to go.” Then it’s the mind’s job to then say, “Okay. I’m going to need luggage and logistics to transport the body to the place the event is happening.” So, mind is really about simple functioning and planning. Panning around one’s need for food, shelter, clothing.. Taking a bike ride. These are all functioning aspects of the mind.

The Heart is the mysterious and wonderful Divine organism that is not meant to be shut off. It’s meant to be open and explored. Just like our beautiful gifts we receive from the Divine to come into this world and do our work. Thank you for listening.

AC is a student at El Camino Nuevo High School in Los Angeles, CA.

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